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FAQs - After Purchase Questions

* Tips for Success When Editing *

Use an updated desktop browser that doesn't strip performance for speed.

For best performance, use latest version of desktop Google Chrome or Edge.

Safari is not recommended.

*Mobile/Tablet editing is not recommended as they are best for preview.


You can right-click COPY and right-click PASTE when editing your items within


Hold SHIFT, and then select the items you want to group together. Then perform the action you want, whether that's dragging it to a different place, re-sizing it, or copying the items all at once.


Look to the bottom of the right-column for a tab titled "Layers". Expand this. All the items in the design are here.

COLORS (Display vs Printed)

Note that all colors generally print out lighter than display because of natural daylight and the materials you print on. This does not apply to you if you're only printing in black and white. If you're printing color, it's recommended you print out a sample, and/or choose a darker shade than you want the resulting items in.

If you're printing with my partner print shop, you can easily print out a sample to see! 

Color also varies a little bit from print shop to print shop. Speak with a printing representative to get the exact shade you want. Some print shops will adjust the color for you. In that case, give them the PDF files as these are in vector format and they can set the color that works best with their printer.


Sometimes your editing will slow down as your browser maxes out the memory.

Solution: Refresh browser if editing slows. Save your edits beforehand.


Please give yourself ample time to edit your items. Seating charts and place cards take more time than other items. Give yourself extra time to download and print your items in case you need to make last minute changes.


If you contact me because you need items re-sized, please allow a week from request to delivery. I strive to have it back for you within a few business days, but there are sometimes delays due to high volume of requests.


Help, Where Are My Templates?

Please check your email inbox, it'll be sent to the one associated with the Etsy account. Allow a few minutes to receive your email.

If you signed in to Etsy through Apple ID Login, there will be a delay in receiving your email. (Apple Sign-In will initially hide your email address from Etsy.) This delay ranges between 15 minutes to an hour.

Depending on your email provider, your email may have been mistakenly directed to your junk folder. Please check there.

Please contact me on Etsy!


How do I Duplicate an Item or Add a Back Side?


Most templates do not come with a duplicate function.

Certain items like place cards will almost always come with this option to allow you to make as many items as you need.


Most card templates come with a Page 2. This is the back side of your card.

Most sign templates do not have a back side. Please contact me if you need one for your template items.


Lines, Borders, Italicizing, Bolding, Underlining?

Unless there are existing items that are lines, borders, italicized, bolded or underlined, you cannot easily add these. Please contact if you need this done for you.

If there are existing items with the feature you're looking for, simply right-click on it to DUPLICATE. Use the resulting new item for your purpose.


How do I Print Individualized Items? (1 File, 1 Time) 

This applies to personalized menus, place cards, and other individualized items.

For printing items that require printing 1 file only 1 time, please note that most print shops will not do this. Ask around locally or use my partner print shop.

Feel free to take a look: (You'll also receive 10% off when you use SPLENDID10 )

* Individualized items are custom orders. Use this custom order form to request Individualized Item Printing such as place cards.



How do I print Place Cards?

>> SEE PRINTING WALKTHROUGH HERE and scroll to place cards, either regular-sized or slim.

Some of our items also work with perforated cardstock. Please contact us for more details. 


How do I Edit and Print Envelopes? 


There is no way to bulk upload and propagate names and addresses to your template. Please allow time to manually input them. Recommendation is to copy and paste.


You can print your envelopes at home, or with a professional print shop.

If printing at home, familiarize yourself with your printer functions. Search online for video tutorials on printing envelopes at home.

If printing at a professional print shop, please contact them to enquire about this service. For the best quality, I recommend my partner shop if you're looking for a service that delivers to your door, Prints of Love.


Important Things to Remember 

• All listings are for digital products. No physical goods are shipped upon purchase.
• No refunds or exchanges are allowed.
• Designs come with a license for personal use only. Commercial use of any kind is strictly prohibited unless otherwise stated in item description. See LEGAL section below.

• Your template expires after 1 year.
• By default, your downloads are set to 25-30 per item. Should you need more downloads, please contact us. Additional time and downloads are free.
• The template may only be used for a single event. Template purchases come with a single license for personal use. Using the template for multiple events or creating templates for other purposes is strictly prohibited.

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Legal Information and Copyright Warning

© 2021 Splendid Moment Inc. All rights reserved.

All designs, text, graphics, Splendid Moment logos, images, the selection and arrangement thereof, is Copyright © 2021 Splendid Moment Inc. All rights reserved. The property of Splendid Moment Inc. is protected by U.S., Canada and international copyright laws.

Permission is granted to print hard copy portions of designs as sold after purchase of design with Splendid Moment Inc..

Any other use of the product designs on this website or Corjl – including reproduction for purposes other than those permitted above, modification, distribution, republishing, transmission, display or performance – without the prior written permission of Splendid Moment Inc. is strictly prohibited.